Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Juniors - first five weeks

The program has been released for the first 5 rounds.  Please find below.

Round #
Division 4 (8:30am)
Division 5 (8:30am)
Division 6 (8:30am)
Division 7 (10:00am)
Round #
Away vs MACCLESFIELD10:00am start

Start Times.
Please note that the Div 4,5 and 6 matches start at 8:30am. The Div 7 games start at 10:00am.  There is also one Div 6 game scheduled for a 10:00am start in round 3. Please try and be at the courts 10 mins early so that games can get under way on time. 

Whilst not compulsory,as a guide the club has been wearing a white top with navy shorts or skirt. Don’t forget your racquet, sunscreen and water!

Player Byes and Availability.
There are some teams with 5 players.  As only 4 players are required on match day, each player will be asked to take their turn in having a week off.  Your team manager will manage this and attempt to keep the number of games played throughout the season even.
Please give your team managers as much notice as you can if you are aware of any dates that your children cannot play.

Association Rules.
Div 7 play modified rules and use a low compression ball.  Their matches are played to 4 games (1st to 4 wins).  There is a sudden death at the second deuce (ie. next point wins). They can serve under arm from anywhere between the service line and the base line.  After Christmas players are encouraged to serve from behind the base line with as close to a normal service action as possible.  Coach Dean will work on this at training.
Div 4 play Tie Breakers at 6 all in both doubles and singles.
Div 5 and 6 play first to 6 games wins.
There are no finals in Div 6 and 7.
Two home supervisors required for Division 6 and Division 7 as parents are required to umpire matches.
Division 5 & 6 should be encouraged to umpire own matches under adult supervision.

Hot Weather Policy.
All Saturday matches are cancelled if Mt Barker forecast is 38ºC on the Friday Night 6pm News
Divisions not playing finals (Div 6 & 7) cancelled if Mt Barker forecast is 35ºC on the Friday Night 6pm News
All matches are to be cancelled when there is a Catastrophic Fire Ban in the Mt Lofty Ranges or Murraylands districts.

See you all on Thursday night at training and good luck on Saturday.

Marcus and Deb

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Juniors update

The Onkaparinga Tennis Association has met and reviewed our team nominations for the upcoming season.  We are pleased to announce that we will have 4 teams participating this year, a team in Div 4, 5, 6 and 7.  This is a fantastic outcome for the club and it’s great to see all the new players on the courts this year.  Now that all clubs have nominated their teams, the draw for the 1st game on Saturday the 13th of October will be worked on and communicated to us by Wed the 10th.
Due to the number of courts available across the association, The Div 7 games and possibly some of the Div 6 games will be starting at 10:00am, all other games commence at 8:30am.  The Div 7 team also play with a low compression balls and have other modified rules to assist in helping the new players learn how to play the game.  We will take you through these rules before the start of the season.

Parent Help
Parental help is what makes a club successful.  With this in mind we need to have a team manager for each of the 4 teams.  The role of the team managers is to act as a central contact person for all players in the team, open up the courts on Saturdays for home games, arrange the play on the day and complete and return the scoresheet to the coordinator’s. 
As coordinators, we are happy to manage the Div 5 and 4 sides, Greg Mc Master has volunteered to manage the Div 7 team and Sean Kenny the Div 6 team.  We would like to thank Greg and Sean for agreeing to help with this role.  If any other families are interested in helping out, please don’t hesitate to let us know as many hands make light work.

The rules of the association require us to play our players in order of playing ability.  Based on the trials we did a couple of weeks ago, we have put the following teams together to kick the season off.  We have to the best of our ability placed players in the teams that they are most suited to.  The playing order within each team is yet to be finalised.  We have the first 3 weeks to move players up or down a division if they are winning or losing convincingly and the association also reserves the right to move teams up or down a division after the first 5 rounds of play.  All of the above is designed so that the kids get a fair game and play against somebody of similar ability.

Div 4
Sophie Dale
Georgia Brooksby
Sunira Reardon
Nicole Hooper
Erin Wickstein

Div 5
Liam Hage
James Hooper
Elliott Hall
Tabitha Lawless
Rachel Lawless

Div 6
Max Kenny
Renee Lawless
Bryce Wickstein
Hugo Kenny

Div 7
Charlotte Cooper
Kiara Reardon
Olivia Hall
Sophie McMaster

Coaching and Training
We are fortunate enough to have professional coach and school teacher Dean Carter with us again this year.  Training will commence on Thursday the 11th of October.  We have decided to run individual sessions for each of the teams and each session will include ½ hr with Dean and a ½ hr of general play.  The times will be as follows:

Div 7 Start time is 4:00pm finish time is 5:00pm
Div 6 Start time is 4:30pm finish time is 5:30pm
Div 5 Start time is 5:00pm finish time is 6:00pm
Div 4 Start time is 5:30pm finish time is 6:30pm

Parents are required to stay with their children during training or arrange for another parent to supervise on their behalf.  It’s not the coaches job to supervise our children or administer first aid in the event of an incident.  Parental assistance will be also be required in the “general play” sessions.

The Club has set the Junior players subs at $50 per person, this covers club costs, player registrations and insurance.  In addition, there is a fee of $60 for coaching, bringing the total cost to $110 per player.  The club has agreed to heavily subsidise the cost of coaching so we are very grateful for this support.  The fee for coaching does not cover us for finals.  If in the event a team/teams make the finals, an additional weekly fee will be required.  We will work through this at a later date.  Fees will be invoiced and due 30th October.

You should all have registration forms for your children.  These forms need to be completed and returned to the coordinators or to your team manager prior to the first match.  If you need another form please let us know ASAP and we will email one to you.

Presentation Date
Please keep Sunday the 24th of March 2013 free as this is the tentative date for our Junior presentations.  Format yet to be finalised.

Coordinators Contact info
If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to give either of us a call or send us an email.  Our contact details are:
Marcus Hooper Ph 0415 377 603 Email.
Deb Brooksby Ph 0411 656 704 Email.

We look forward to seeing you soon and watching your children enjoy and learn the game of tennis.

Marcus and Deb

Monday, September 24, 2012

Message from John Graetz - Clarendon Tennis Club President

Hi All,

You have all recently received an email from Paul Hage, indicating his desire to step down as the Junior Representative/Coordinator of the Clarendon Tennis Club.   I have spoken to Paul about his wishes and accept his decision.   A couple of years ago we needed somebody to step up and take control of the Juniors within the Club and Paul volunteered and has done a fine job to keep our Junior Teams running.  He has also been the Junior Association Secretary for two years when it was our turn to supply the Assoc Secretary, even though he was working interstate a lot of the time.   He has put in a lot of time and effort and his contribution to the Clarendon Tennis Club is noted by Committee and I personally thank him for what he has done.

I light of this, a new representative/coordinator (or possibly two) is needed to carry on from Paul.   I have received to date the names of two people who have indicated their desire and willingness to take this job on.    I feel that as the Junior numbers have increased this year, two people would be appropriate.    Each Junior Team would then be run by a Team Manager and they would be guided by the reps/coordinators.
These people are Marcus Hooper and Debbie Brooksby.  Debbie has previously filled this position and she has plenty of experience in this area.   Marcus is an active member of the Club in both Juniors and Seniors and I feel he is well suited to this position also.
If anyone else wishes to put their hand up for this position or wants any further information,  then please do not hesitate to give me a call ASAP.

I also take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Anita Butcher on behalf of the Clarendon Tennis Club for her efforts so far this season in recruiting new players and general organisation.  She will no doubt continue her efforts as her vision is to strengthen the playing group and increase membership of the Clarendon Tennis Club.
Thankyou to every-one for your commitment so far and look forward to seeing you all on the Courts.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Teams 2012/2013 and other news

The teams for 2012/2013 have been submitted to the Onkaparinga Tennis Association. Thank you to parents who got their children to the courts on Thursday; it was a valuable exercise. And thank you to Dean Carter, our coach, for coming down to cast an impartial eye over the players to establish the potential makeup of the teams. And without John Graetz and Marcus Hooper, we would still be there.

Other news.
Anita Butcher is wanting to increase the level of professionalism in the running of the junior club as well as growing the number of teams.
I don't wish to be involved in that so after three years of looking after the juniors on your behalf, I'm departing from any official capacity.
It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time so I never tried to even attempt that. But I did try to keep most of the people happy most of the time and I hope I succeeded in that goal.
It has been a genuine pleasure dealing with you all and watching the children develop.
Special thanks to Heather for helping when I have been away from Adelaide working as well as Marcus and Janet who were always dependable and keen to contribute.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Proposal for junior coaching

Dean has suggested the following tennis training timetable on Thursday afternoons (assuming we have three teams).

4:30pm Team 1 coaching with Dean

5:00pm Team 1 plays matches against each other for 30 minutes
Team 2 coaching with Dean

5:30pm Team 2 plays matches against each other for 30 minutes
Team 3 coaching with Dean

6:00pm Dean leaves
Team 3 plays matches against each other for 30 minutes
6:30pm Team 3 goes home

I’d suggest Team 1 be the juniors as we’ll have high schoolers next year who may struggle to get there by 4:30.
Decisions on the order of the teams can be done after the teams are decided this week.

The first official training session will be on Thursday 11/10/2012.
The cost will be $90 for the 1 ½ hours to be split amongst each child. About $6 per week payable in advance.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JUNIORS. Thursday 20/9 for team allocation

After we have our tryout day this Saturday at 9:30 we will reassemble for team selections.

If you are playing junior competition tennis this summer, be at the Clarendon tennis courts at 4:00pm sharp on Thursday 20/09.
How long? Don't know at this stage but it could be up to 90 minutes.

Team allocations will be done with the probable use of matches to decide.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Juniors news

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback on the upcoming newcomers day.
We are still locked in for Saturday 15/09 for youngsters to try out. This means not many existing players will be there but time is getting away from us.
Saturday 22/09 is the day targeted to allocate players to teams. Unless there is a school play or something. J
Some notes:
Kangarilla has half a team of juniors – if we have some youngsters leftover who are keen to play, we can accommodate them down there.
McLaren Flat and Meadows are keen to investigate some type of combination teams as well – they will get back to us once they know exact numbers.
I’ve asked Our Saviour Lutheran School at Aberfoyle Park to include a note in their newsletter asking for juniors as well.
No-one has been keen on uniforms so we will stick with white top and dark blue shorts/skirts.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Introductory session for Clarendon Junior tennis players

Please share with as many people as possible.
Clarendon junior tennis is conducting a session for newcomers to have a hit and get questions answered about what a season of tennis entails.

Saturday 15 September at 9:30am.

I’d hope to see the existing juniors there to take part in a practice session which will show new players what training looks like. John Graetz will be there and possibly Dean.
Also – if you haven’t already, please let me know if you are playing this season.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

JUNIORS - 2012/2013 season

Who wants to play junior tennis this year?
It’d be great if the beginners from last year can form a team in division 7.
Season dates are:
13/10 - 15/12 inclusive
02/02 - 23/02 inclusive
Three weeks of finals
I will be informing the Onkaparinga Tennis Association that our older kids should be in the same division as last year – 4. We had a rough trot last year and whilst everyone improved markedly over the season, I think it is a good idea to remain in division 4.
Fees are the same as last year - $50 per child.
Training will be weekly but to get better quality, we will split the beginners from the more experienced players. But if the beginners aren’t forming a team then maybe they don’t practice each week? For discussion.
The Clarendon Tennis Association is kicking in $200 to subsidise training but fewer players per session is a higher cost of course.
Please advise if you want the kids to wear uniforms with insignia printed on them. I haven’t got the faintest idea how much it will cost but the cost of the sewing/stitching of “Clarendon Tennis Club 2012/2013” is not that much.
Please tell me by Wednesday 05/09 if your child is playing or not.    0419 113 277
Whilst we had six players in the team last year, we will probably cut that to five for this season to ensure players don’t miss too much tennis. Hopefully we will have two teams.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tennis blog

This post covers a few things.

1. The Clarendon senior tennis members are now a part of our blog.
So there will be a mixture of posts/emails about juniors and seniors. I'll come up with a way for you to easily distinguish the different topics.
For you new people, is the blog and new posts are automatically sent via email.
- clicking on ads on the site earns us money.
- draws/schedules will be put up here when known.

2. To get around a technical limitation, I've created a new method of emailing updates to everyone. Hopefully it works.

3. The Onkaparinga Junior Tennis Association AGM was tonight.
The season starts Saturday October 13 for juniors (and I think seniors).
Thank you to Marcus and Janet for prompting me to put something in the school newsletter.
I'll be chasing up people to enquire about players - don't be shy about contacting me on for juniors or John Graetz about seniors.

Monday, July 30, 2012

AGM - Tuesday 07 August

The Tennis Club AGM is coming up on Tuesday 7th August 2012 at 7.30 pm (with Netball Club) at the Historic Hall, and the main meeting about 8 pm.

I'll represent the juniors (your subs will be $400 per child next year because you are paying for my beer on the night).

All welcome.

If you want anything raised/clarified, let me know.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Last reminder

Hiho tennis parents - a gentle reminder.
We have two sessions with Dean lined up.
Wednesday 04/07 & Wednesday 11/07. Both at 11am.
Thank you to the respondents so far.
We have Elliott, Olivia and Liam for the first Wednesday.
And James, Nicole, Olivia and Elliott for the second Wednesday.
Please let me know by Wednesday 27/06 if you are keen to attend - I'll book two one-hour sessions on one or both days if need be so we can get some quality time.